Hyalescent ventures works with innovative entrepreneurs to build great companies. Our interests lie in founders that know and lead their space and companies who are bettering the way people live and work.

Hyalescent: to become glassy, crystalline, transparent

About Hyalescent

Hylascent Ventures was founded in 2011 when the founding partner, actively engaged in running an ongoing investment, created a vehicle for providing “smart money” for a very special category of company.  
Since the economic downturn that started in 2008, companies need more than funding to connect the dots from startup to success. New technology and delivery models, new interests and trends in the market and new economic realities create challenges for the newly minted, as well as the experienced entrepreneur. Hyalescent enables portfolio companies with the resources, process, and tools to succeed.

Investment Criteria

Hyalescent Ventures is interested in looking at health technology and intelligent automation systems businesses that match our profile but will always consider the following criteria when making an investment.

  1. Idea - Hyalescent companies must have a clear and transformational concept that can truly be realized.
  2. Leap - Entrepreneurs typically have already made a leap. Hyalescent commends that initial leap, however, the leap that is critical for creating successful companies is getting beyond the innovators dilema. Hyalescent companies will have successfully addressed the innovators dilema.
  3. Team - The best ideas may never reach the light of day without a stellar team to make it happen. Hyalescent companies will have a team in place that has done it before. And we mean successfully brought an idea from zero to exit.
  4. Leadership - We feel that companies created by leaders have the greatest chance at success. When we say leaders we don't mean our entreprenuers will only be good at leading people but they will be leaders in their field or industry. Acedmic leadership is interesting to us but market leadership is critical.
  5. Stake - The entreprenuer is the largest investor in any company. Since we don't invest in companies, we partner with entrepreneurs, we want to know that you have skin-in-the-game.
  6. Customers - If you have customers, you will get more customers.
  7. Market Size - Hyalescent works with niche companies and thus we realize that not all companies have an enormous market. That's what makes them special. What does matter is the ratio of investment to meaningful market share.
  8. Last but not least, Global - Companies who can demonstrate significant growth or accelleration can be achieved by expanding into new markets will benefit most from Hyalescent's approach.

If you feel like you meet all of these criteria, you may want to apply.